NiTiCo 30 & DR-S webinar updates!

NiTiCo 30 & DR-S webinar updates!

14 September 2022

NiTiCo 30 & DR-S webinar updates


Great news everyone! We have been overwhelmed with the response to our upcoming product launches and have decided to host two separate sessions:

  • NiTiCo 30 K50 & K51 on 29th September 2022

Looking to boost productivity and sales in your machining business? Join our webinar to learn about trochoidal milling with NiTiCo 30. Hear about the great features of the NiTiCo 30 5-flute including Differential Helix and chipbreakers. We'll also be discussing our 'Ideal Cutting Edge' Processes in detail, as well as the Small Corner Radius for longer tool life. This webinar is not one to be missed!



  • DR-S 8xD W12 on 29th November 2022

In this webinar, you'll discover the advantages of using the new DR-S 8xD length drill. Learn how having a longer drill can benefit you, as the DR-S drills are capable of machining multiple materials and are easy to regrind. You'll also get to hear about the many success stories of the DR-S from all kinds of industry.




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