XQ Alu Cutter - The Future Is Here

XQ Alu Cutter - The Future Is Here

18 September 2018

Engineered to Perfection In Germany 

We are proud to launch XQ Alu Cutter, our high-performance aluminium end mill series, packed with some of our most advance technical features, including internal oil holes, polished flutes and chipbreakers.

Thanks to the internal oil holes feature, XQ Alu Cutter end mills provide optimum chips flow which enhances dynamic stability at high cutting speeds and welding resistance.

Polished Flutes ensure fast, efficient chips evacuation and drastically reduces built-up edge.

Finally, chipbreakers reduce cutting resistance and vibrations, hence increase tool life and machining performance. 

A special promotion to launch the XQ Alu Cutter series will be held from September to November 2018.

Click here for the product leaflet and write to info@hpmt-industries.com now for more informations.



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