Special Tools : Step Drill, Step Burnishing Drill & Drill Reamer

Special Tools : Step Drill, Step Burnishing Drill & Drill Reamer

12:00 P.M
14 January 2021

Solid Carbide Special Tools

HPMT Industries would like to showcase our manufacturing capabilities of making special carbide tools from our list of over 40 different carbide cutters. These solid carbide tools are fully customizable to your requests.



Our world-class facility dedicated to special carbide tool production comprises 36 Walter & Rollomatic CNC machines, including one of the rarest CNC Grinder machines in the world. This allows us to have more flexibility & control when grinding our tools.


Technical Staff

Qualified technical staff's with the skills and knowledge needed to fulfill customer demands. An in-house research & development department gives HPMT Industries an edge in designing the best carbide tool for you. As carbide drill manufacturers, we take into consideration of your machining capabilities including speeds & feed rates to produce the greatest outcome possible.



January Special Carbide Tool Showcase

For January, HPMT Industries will showcase three (3) special tools; the Step Drill, Step Burnishing Drill & Drill Reamer. These 3 solid carbide drills are fully customizable to suit your machining capabilities & processes. These drills are customizable in terms of Diameter ranges, R Tolerance, and Tolerance Class. Customers may also chose a coating of their choice as we have our own in-house coating department




We take pride in the quality of our solid carbide tools and the calibre of workmanship that they can produce. HPMT Industries solid carbide mills are internationally used and are in numerous industries.



E-mail us at info@hpmt-industries.com for any inquiries

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