New Launch Die And Mould Catalogue

New Launch Die And Mould Catalogue

Location: HPMT HQ
1 December 2015

We are pleased to launch our new DMX Catalogue !

In this new product catalogue you will be able to find:

  • New product launch for Extended range of micro tools, such as SE GR Long Neck Torus end mill, SE 45R Long Neck Miniature Torus end mills, Hi-Feed Fin-Mill Miniature Torus with Long Neck end mills.
  • Changes in coating appearance – from entire recess to cutting length ONLY (exclude ≤0.5mm)
  • Changes in total length from 40mm to 50mm (for selected series)

The catalogue will be distributed to all our customers from the middle of November in connection with your orders. If you are in urgent need of new product catalogues please contact us for special shipment.

Product Features and Benefits

1. 4/6 Flutes Design - double or triple the feed rate in comparison with conventional 2 flutes cutters. Reduce your cost with faster productivity.

2. Tough PVD Silicon based coating - protect the tool during high cutting speed. Increase the product tool life.

3. Edge Rounding - greater improvement to productivity with higher speed and feed rate.

New PDF product catalogue

A new PDF product catalogue is now available on our web-site.

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