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Who We Are


HPMT was established in 1978, under

the name Herrozas a cutting tool

trading business for European

and Japanese tool makers.











After years of experience as a tool trader,

in 2000 we decided to start designing and

manufacturing high quality solid carbide

round tools with competitive price

With decades of experience,

we are proud to claim we are the

leading High-Performance cutting tools 

manufacturer in South-east Asia.





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HPMT Industries logo is inspired by the heart of the crude diamond. The Diamond is known as the world's hardest natural material and most valuable commodity, symbolizing prosperity and sustainability, which are the principles at the core of our philosophy.

Prosperity and sustainability can be achieved by offering high-quality products. The precision of all the angles and of the diamond are our inspiration to produce high-precision and high-performance machining tools.

Like the diamond requires cutting and polishing from different experts to be turned from rough to finished, we believe that we cannot achieve sustainability and prosperity alone.

Only working closely with all our partners in our eco-system, we can all build businesses as bright and as long lasting as diamonds.

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