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The Efficient 5-Tier Service Strategy for Your Satisfaction

While we have been in the business of high precision solid carbide cutting tools for more than 35 years, we also focus on serving customers' needs in the most efficient way possible. With the company's commitment on customer satisfaction a top priority, HPMT has put in place a 5-Tier Service Strategy to provide accountability, exclusivity, convenience, reliability and peace of mind for the benefit of the metalworking industry.

HPMT Sales and Service team understands the customer's requirements and anticipates their needs with its in-depth knowledge of high precision solid carbide cutting tools. We at HPMT are accountable for customers to realize the optimum benefits of HPMT products. We help identify the right tools and if required, recommend customized tools for every customer's challenging and diverse manufacturing environment.
HPMT has always been equipped to satisfy every customer's unique requirements of customized tools long before the sudden demand by industries who are pushing the boundaries of innovations. Today HPMT's research and development team takes special care in reviewing and analysing its customer's specifications before the tools are being engineered. Fulfilling these unique requirements is HPMT's exclusive service for the ever demanding metalworking industries.
HPMT has a global network spanning over 35 countries across Asia and Europe to maximize distribution effectiveness and to enable customer convenience in business transactions. Wherever you are in Western Europe, Scandinavia, Asia, South America and Australia, HPMT provides the best cutting tool solutions for each of its customers in each of these markets.
Global business is becoming more dependent on logistic management in order to keep up with today's increasing pace of manufacturing technology. Considering no customer can afford any delay, customer's orders are shipped out on time according to schedules. This is made possible through our order tracking system where customer's orders status are tracked and reported online interfacing with the production schedule and planning system. We strive to deliver on time and emphasize on logistics management to ensure that our tools will always arrive reliably on schedule.
Technical support service - HPMT has an enviable reputation for reliability and accountability. This is supported by our dedicated technical support service team who are equipped with profound understanding of machining issues to provide the best possible solutions. Our commitment to offer every customer easy access to swift troubleshooting thus giving peace of mind that customers demand.