SE 45 Series End Mill
SE 45 Series End Mill
SE 45 Series End Mill

SE 45 Series End Mill

SE 45 are solid carbide endmills designed for machining medium alloy steel and carbon steel. Comes in numerous radius and lengths, The series is great for general machining and is cost-effective.

The tool comes with an array of features & benefits including:

  • Gash Land Design - For improved strength & great chipping resistance
  • Eccentric Grinding - To avoid rubbing while maintaining maximum cutting tool speed
  • Cutting Edge Preparation - Enhanced tool life by having less material adhere on the cutting edge & a more stable machining
  • Superior Coating - increased hardness with higher abrasive, wear, & thermal resistance. Leads to smoother chip evacuation
  • Suitable for material groups P, M, S, & H

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