New General Catalogue D

New General Catalogue D

7 March 2018

New General Catalogue D Release 

We are very proud to launch our New Product Catalogue (Version D) that features our entire production comprising over 15,000 solutions, including the latest Ballnose with tight tolerance (BN60X & BN60P) for the mould and die industry and the Long Drill (DR-L & DR-Mini) for deep drilling processes.

This new catalogue illustrates HPMT full product lines and continued commitment to innovation, performance and being the solid carbide industry leader in the development of metalworking industry.

Find out more from our new catalogue for product offerings like End Mills, Ballnose, Micro Tools, Long Neck, Drills, Reamers, Die-Sinking Cutters Tools and etc.

The 2018 Product Catalogue is available now in print and PDF formats. For more information, contact our customer service at info@hpmt-industries.com.


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