EMO 2019, Hannover, Germany
EMO 2019, Hannover, Germany
EMO 2019, Hannover, Germany

EMO 2019, Hannover, Germany

Location: Messe Hannover, Lower Saxony, Germany
21 September 2019

“Smart Technologies driving Tomorrow’s Production” was the motto for this year’s EMO, world’s leading trade show for the metalworking industry which was held in Hannover, Germany and attracted more than 2,200 exhibitors from 48 countries.


HPMT’ Industries was one of the exhibiting companies in the event and was a very fruitful one as the event yielded a record number of product enquiries and distribution discussions. HPMT's machine tools & manufacturing processes for Industry 4.0 was of high productivity although many that was attracted was from the additive manufacturing for our finishing processes.


At EMO Hannover 2019, HPMT was delighted to showcase the XQ Alu-Cutter Endmill Line tailored for cutting aluminium & non-ferrous materials, the NiTiCo K65 & K67 Mills which are specifically engineered for trochoidal milling, and the NiTiCo 30 K70 End Mill precisely designed to produce slots through high-speed machining methods. Manufacturing cell would benefit a great deal from our tools list as we have for all machining processes from roughing to finishing.


As the end of an intense year approaches, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to all our distributors for their support, and to all visitors of our booth for their interest in our tools.


We look forward to the next edition of EMO which will be held in 2021 in Milan, Italy.