BN60 Improved Version

BN60 Improved Version

7 November 2018

In moving forward, the BN60 A76 will substitute the BN45 A66 ballnose series   

In the last few months, we have successfully upgraded our BN60 A76 ballnose series to new material grades for increased performance and versatility. All our channel partners are invited to switch from BN45 A66 to BN60 A76 to enjoy the greater performance of this ballnose series.

Reasons to switch to the BN60 A76 ballnose series NOW:

  • Longer tool-life
  • Greater versatility 
  • Faster delivery
  • Easier handling of the SKUs for effective stock planning

The delivery of the BN45 A66 ballnose series will be discontinued on April 30th 2019, allowing a 6 MONTHS grace period for you to switch. Our Sales team will follow-up to help you with the transition.

... and if you never considered our high-performance BN60 A76 ballnose series, just inquire TODAY!

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