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Who We Are

30 years of High Precision Tool Innovations

HPMT Industries Sdn. Bhd. started out in 1978 as a distribution arm of cutting tools under Herroz Sdn. Bhd. for international premium brands from Western Europe and Japan. Today, as a leader of solid carbide cutting tools manufacturer in South East Asia, HPMT supplies a comprehensive range of high precision universal tools for milling and drilling as well as specialised tools for specific applications. More impressively, HPMT also customizes tools based on customer’s specifications.

Founded by Thierry Scheidegger and Khoo Yee Her, HPMT today host a team of skilful specialists and strong staff force. Collectively dedicated to providing value-added cutting tools, technical support with the best possible metalworking solutions to date.

Over the span of more than 30 years, a global network of distributors took shape in more than 35 countries from Europe and Asia. In this global arena, HPMT efficiently facilitates international manufacturers from industries such as die & mould, medical, electronics, automotive, oil & gas as well as aviation.

Today HPMT prides itself as an innovator in the three categories of high precision solid carbide cutting tools. The universal tools, the specialised tools and the customized tools categories. All with in-house R&D facilities committed to perfecting the art of precision tool innovation right from today’s advanced manufacturing hub of the technology-driven South East Asia.


A Collective Effort to Create Quality and Profitability for You

Diamond is the hardest element known for all mankind. Formed through a perfect molecular structure and harmonious bond between carbons. The HPMT logo which is set at the heart of the crude diamond symbolizes Durability and Prosperity. To ensure these beneficial attributes for all associates, we strive to build value using our philosophy with active collaboration between the Manufacturer, the Supply Chains, the Distribution Arms and the Customers. All being represented on the four triangles of the diamond’s geometry logo. With our philosophy of Integrity, Reliability, Accountability and Capability being instrumental in the rapid rise of HPMT. The ultimate goal of being the global leader in high precision solid carbide cutting tool will not be a mission too impossible to achieve.       



To stay honest and disciplined with every task we undertake



To be dependable by maintaining the trust others place in us



To remain responsible for every commitment we made



To make courageous decision through a firm sense of intuition