Spindle Protection Prevent Tool Damage

Spindle Protection Prevent Tool Damage

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31 October 2016

When working with multi-axis machine tools, the spindle can easily be considered the guts of the machine. If that spindle were to crash, manufacturers have a five-figure mistake on their hands.

In the video above, we talk about how manufacturers today can take the risk of spindle crashes out of their machining operations, with Machine Spindle Protection (MSP), with Norm Chapdelaine, applications engineer at GF Machining Solutions.

“Basically, the motion of the machine is limited to 12 meters per minute, and there is a magnetic decoupling device above the spindle flange,” Chapdelaine said. “Upon impact, the decoupling of this device allows the spindle to withstand an impact without damaging the bearing assembly of the spindle housing.”

Chapdelaine further explains that angular displacement in the spindle and a collection of sensors identify the crash, which alerts the machine to enter a recovery mode, from which operators can restore the system.

“There are other applications for this type of system as well,” Chapdelaine continued. “You could be machining parts and applying excessive forces on the tool and if any damaging effects occur to the tool, this mode can prevent the machine from engaging in any self destruction.”

Parts can even be manufactured while the recovery mode is active and the system can be used with existing HSK, or hollow-taper-shank tooling systems.

To learn more about MSP and simultaneous turning, visit the GF Machining Solutions website


Author : James Anderton 

Source from : http://www.engineering.com/